Valentine’s Day Sale: Buy One Tee, Get One Half Off

24 Hour Tees - Valentine's Day Sale


For limited time we have two exclusive deals for V-Day 2016, read below to find out about the first one and get details on the second one right here. This first deal applies to online sales & in-store shopping, both. :)

Why have just ‘one shirt' when you can have ‘TWO awesome Valentine's Day shirts' printed up at a discount'? When you buy one shirt at regular price, you get the second tee for 50% off…because we love you! Feel free to mix and match designs, colors and styles…as long as they're ‘Valentine's Day themed', this deal works for you! Like the ‘Hubby‘ or ‘Wifey‘ tees (also available in tank tops), or the ‘Te Amo OR Tequila‘ tee, as a couple of examples…we just want to help you spread some love everywhere you go! :)


Follow these steps and enjoy the discount right away:

  1. Go to our Wear Your Heart On Your Shirt  page and see all our love related designs.
  2. Choose two tees from the “Sweethearts Tees” or “Other Lovable Tees” shirt sections, and add them to your online shopping bag (this discount does not apply to any other shirt category).
  3. Apply the coupon code “ILOVETEES” (without the quote marks) and receive a 50% off discount on one of the items at check out!


Hurry up! This coupon code expires on 2/14/2016 at midnight.

Happy Valentine's Day!
-The 24 Hour Tees Team

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