Get A Free Shirt This Valentine’s Day

February is here, and besides the cold, blizzards and glimpses of spring, it's definitely one of the warmest months in our hearts!

Even though it's an overall good month, we know how difficult it can be to decide the best gifts for your loved ones. Flowers, they're expensive and usually die within a week. It seems like 50% of the population is trying to accomplish the “eat healthier” resolution, so Chocolate's a risky move! Wait a minute, we have an idea for you…what better way is there to show your love than to immortalize it on a shirt? ;)

To make your life even easier, here's a special deal that you won't want to miss this Valentine's Day:

24 Hour Tees - Valentine's Day Deal

Purchase one of our in-store Gift Card with a minimum value of $30 and get a free “Love is All You Need” or “One Love” printed tee on any of our 100% cotton overstock shirts! It's like you're getting two gifts in one! This offer is available until February 14th and good for physical store sales only. Limited quantities, sizes and colors are available for blank tees.


Hope this month is full of joy, love and happiness for you and those you care about!
You can always contact us by phone, text, or email to get this order going…of course, you can come into our physical store as well. We look forward to seeing you soon! :)

With much love,
-The 24 Hour Tees Team


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