How can I place my order with 24 Hour Tees?

We offer two super easy ways to start your next custom apparel print project:

  1. Request a custom quote via our form: If you have an order that requires our professional design touch, you can get custom pricing via email. We’ll reply back in the next couple of hours! In our form, we collect basic information such as how many items are you looking to print, the quality of apparel, your contact info, and anything that we need to make sure you get the best prices in the market. It takes less than 5 minutes to fill our form! Your only worry is to enjoy your printed items once they are done! If you want to fill our form, click here!
  2. Use our online designer: If you are a creative being that has a clear vision of what you want to be printed, we offer hundreds of clipart’s that you can choose from… Fonts, print colors, apparel styles, and the option to upload your own files are available for you too! The best part is that you can get instant pricing and pay right away! We’ll send a confirmation text message once your order is on our print queue and once the items are ready to go, you’ll get notified too! Click here to start designing online!

What is the best way to place my order?

If you have an order that can be completed in the next 3 to 15+ business days, you can reach us via email, our quote form, Facebook Messenger, or text message. You can also design your own apparel using our online designer!
If you have a Rush Order that needs to be completed in less than 48 hours, please give us a call at our toll-free number (800-686-0424) so one of our team members can assist you right away!

Do you have a physical store?

No, we don't have a physical store! In April of 2023, we closed our old retail shop and went digital! We moved all of our staff to our screenprint location by Walgreens in Kearney, NE (exclusive for printing and pickups)!

If you want to see apparel samples or place an order, you can give us a call or send a text to 308-224-6068 and one of our dedicated team members will help you out :)

What are your business hours?

Our store is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12 pm (we close 12 to 1 for Team Break!) and we open back again from 1 pm to 5 pm!

How fast can I have my items printed?

It depends on how fast you need your items to be printed! We offer Rush Services, with this service your items can be printed and ready to be picked up or shipped in less than 24 business hours, or you can get our standard low prices if you need your order between 3 to 15 business days! To know if you apply for our Rush Services, request a custom quote here!

What is the minimum quantity that I can order?

If you place your order via our quote form, we require a minimum of 3 items to be printed with the same graphic!
If you place your order via our online designer, you can print any quantity starting at 1!

Do you print more than t-shirts?

Yes, we do! We print on almost ANY fabric material, this goes from hoodies, tank tops, long sleeves to poly bags and koozies! You see our full catalog, click here!

Do you send digital proofs of my apparel before you print my order?

Yes! We ALWAYS send digital proofs (mockups) to get your approval or modifications before we move with printing! Getting your 100% satisfaction on the graphics we design is our top priority to ensure you have the best experience with us :)

Do I need to pay to see a digital proof of my shirt?

The short answer is: yes! Here’s the long answer: Since we hire professional designers to work with us, we need to make sure their talent is rightfully compensated, that’s why we usually request a partial payment to cover the time they put on any project!
This partial payment can be anything from a $50 Design Down Payment to a 50% payment! Something important to note is that any payment you make for your order it goes directly to your bill and will be discounted from the total amount due when your order is completed!
Of course, we make some exceptions to this partial payment! If you are a recurrent customer, or if you work with an organization or non-profit, this can be weighted out as we understand how payments are processed differently with companies :) You can always reach out to us and ask if this exception can be applied to your custom project!

Do you manage group orders?

Yes! We have worked with many schools, teams, companies, and groups that needed help with managing their bulk orders! We make gathering group order information from dozens, hundreds, or thousands of individuals easier than ever with our Online Group Order forms! We can create online order forms, each with a custom web page and a direct/sharable link for your organization or project (for free). If you want to start your next group order, click here to fill our form and we’ll reply to you ASAP!

Do you ship orders?

Yes! We ship national and international!


If you have questions about working with us, our company, our prints, or an active order, send them down below!

We'll try to reply back to you in the next 24 hours or less! If you want instant answers, contact us directly via text/call, email, or Facebook Messenger!