Irish for the Day…

"8 different Saint Patrick's Day shirt designs on a green clover background for 24 hour Tees"

March 17th marks the day that everyone gets to become Irish for 24 Hours.  Originally a religious celebrations to commonly recognize the patron saint of Ireland, while also commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland; many know it better as a glutton for punishment.

Pushing back loads of green beer, Guinness, Irish car bombs, corned-beef with cabbage and Irish stew is commonplace.  You kind of have permission too, as it was, in fact, an Archbishop many-many moons ago that deemed lenten restrictions on eating meat and drinking alcohol lifted for the day… hence the heavy alcohol consumption. Yay!

We’re right there with you…we love becoming Irish for the day.  It’s quite fun to adorn one's self with the silliest of green attire and have drinks before noon. Unless you are indeed brave enough to do that on any ol’ day of the week; in that case, touché sir and/or madame!

So HOW will YOU dress for the day?  It’s not uncommon for me to bring out the hidden green wig, and glitzy shamrock beaded necklaces.  It’s also a treat to add a new shirt to my “St. Patrick's Day” ensemble – just to spice it up a bit each year!

If you need some help becoming festive, and want to join in on the culture that is St. Patrick’s day, then come to 24 Hour Tees or simple Click HERE.  We have several pre-designed St. Patty’s day shirts to choose from or feel free to design one up yourself.  Choose from any of our shirts in stock (or via special order), try it on, pick a print color  (whether soft, sparkly, bright, or even fuzzy), approve the design and there ya have it – a shirt hot off the press, just for you!

Will you become Irish on Tuesday, March 17th? I plan on it!

Shawna of The 24 Hour Tees Team
…don't forget to get a new shirt this is green or adorned with green.  Legend has it if you are donned in a bit of green you are invisible to Leprechauns, and they don't pinch those they can't see!

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