Mess With Inks

Yes, you'll need to see what it's like to mess with plastisol Silkscreen Inks (they're super thick and messy).

You don't truly know what it's like until you actually put inks into a screen and then try to clean it up after you're finished! :)

Prep A Screen For Print

You can't truly say you know what Silkscreen printing is all about until you've actually prepped a screen for print. Once we go through the many steps necessary to get a screen prepped, we'll be using it to print our shirts!

Print Your Own Shirt

We believe that learning something new is best done by personal experience. This is why we ask every person in our workshop to print their own shirts, after we show them how of course.

Current Introductory Price of Only $20/Person

Free Shirt (That You'll Print Yourself) Built Into The Above Workshop Fee!

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