Save 25% On Your First Order

The offer is exclusive tor Bulk Orders (20+) for each group at your school!

Four (4) Ways We Can Help, Today!

School Pride Bulk Print Orders

Great Bulk Printing Pricing For Your School!

First time customers printing 20+ items (shirts, bags, hoodies, hats, etc.), using Silk Screen Printing will get a 25% discount (to try us out)!

Repeat customers will get our normal great pricing, every time!

Online Group Order Forms

We Manage The Organization Of Your Big Orders, For You!

We make gathering group orders from students, parents, and staff easier than ever with our Online Group Order forms! 24 Hour Tees can create online order forms, each with a custom link for your school or project (for free).

A custom order form will allow individuals (or departments) to easily add the items they want to the group order, before the order form deadline!  Once a form closes (after a set time), we'll print and distribute everything (making order management a breeze for you). We also offer shipping options, local pickup, &/or internal school distribution.

Online Fundraiser Order Forms

Raising Money For Your School Has Never Been Easier!

Our Online Fundraiser Forms are very similar to our Group Order Forms; the key difference is that we add a pre-decided dollar amount onto every item sold for your fundraiser profits.

After an order closes we print & fulfill everything, then 24 Hour Tees writes a check for the total amount that the fundraiser earned! Couldn't be easier. :)

School Pride Online Stores

Making It Easy To Wear School Pride, All Year Long.

If you want your students, their parents and your staff to be able to easily purchase and wear your school pride items all year long, we'd love to help you create an Online Store (Free of Charge)!

If you think you might have interest in this for your school, let us know and we'll get in touch!

Some Of Our Customers

That Love Getting Custom Items Printed With Our 24 Hour Tees Team!


If Any Organization At Your School Is New To Working With Us, They'll Save 25% On Their First Order.

A Few Benefits Of Working With 24 Hour Tees

Even Though We're A Small Business (Founded In Nebraska), We Sure Don't Act Like It.


50+ Items To Get This

We always offer Free Standard Shipping (3-5 Days) on School Orders of 50 or more items (shirts, bags, koozies, etc.)


Available Upon Request

For Standard Bulk Orders (20+ items) turn around time is typically 1-2 weeks. However, 24 Hour Tees has the capability of printing within 24 Hours upon request (with a rush fee), depending on available stock and the customer communication speed.


For Schools By Default

All schools receive a 30-day window to pay for their orders if POs must be submitted for payment. A copy of your school's Form 13 (tax exempt form) may be emailed or sent with payment.

Free Design Assistance & Many Printing Options

Yes, We Design At No Charge And We Use Your Preferred Print Methods.

Our Team provides design assistance at no extra cost! We are able to work with ideas, rough sketches, example images, and provided artwork! Part of the official ‘approval process' includes sending you a custom URL to review your order details, make changes, and approve the design examples we've sent your way. This way we are able to meet your exact expectations easily!

We print with Silkscreen & More!
Including (but not limited to) Soft Touch, Vinyl, and Embroidery.

Some School Testimonials


We Work With Each School Organization To Create The Exact Design They Want.


If A Club, Sport Or Department At Your School Is New To Working With Us, They'll Save 25% On Their First Order.

More Happy Customers