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Easy Online Group Order Forms

Collecting orders from dozens (or hundreds) of people couldn't get any easier (for you).

We make gathering group order information from dozens, hundreds, or thousands of individuals easier than ever with our Online Group Order forms! 24 Hour Tees can create online order forms, each with a custom web page and a direct/sharable link for your organization or project (for free).

A custom order form will allow your fans to easily add the items they want to the group order, before the order form deadline!  Once a form closes (after a set time), we'll print and distribute everything (making order management a breeze for you). We also offer shipping options, local pickup, &/or internal school distribution.

Our Group Order Success In Numbers

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Group Forms Created
Printed Items Delivered
Happy Individuals & Organizations!


Take A Look At The Five (5) Steps Below To Learn What We Do To Help.

Let's Collect Your Order Info

It Takes Just 5 Minutes To Get Your Group Order Started!

When you're ready to start a group order, we'll ask for basic information:

The group order contact's name, the contact's cell phone & email, who the group order is for, their contact info, why you're doing the group order, when the order should start and some other basic product related information…

We Create Your Design (For Free)

If You Want...You Can Also Provide Your Design As Well!

We LOVE creating designs for our customers and we're happy to be able to do them at no charge to you (as long as we stay under 3 modifications)!  

As soon as you start your group order, we'll be in touch to get your design details. Once we get your thoughts, we'll help you flesh out a worthy design that you and your group will be impressed by…couldn't be easier!

[Please Note: You may be charged a $50 design fee that will be refunded at the end of your order if your minimums are met]

Online Forms Are Efficient

Which Is Why We Build This Form For You (At No Charge)

As long as you're willing to commit to have at least 30 items ordered (by the time that your group order ends), then 100% of your group order process is free! If your group order does not reach 30 quantity, by the time that it ends, we'll ask you to fill in the gap to help meet this minimum.

We Manage Your Entire Order

So You Don't Have To Stress About The Details!

Group orders can be a real pain to manage, but thankfully our team of pros are here to help you feel confident and happy with your next group order!

If you'd like to know what we do to manage your order, please read through our Group Order Task List. :)

Local Pickup & Shipping In USA

We're Responsible For Making Sure All Orders Get Distributed.

When an order is finished and it's ready to fulfill to each person in your group order, we're happy to take that responsibility on.

And don't worry, we'll ask your preference on our fulfillment options!

Easy Online Fundraiser Order Forms

Collecting orders from individuals, while putting a percentage back from each sale as a fundraiser!

Fundraiser Order Forms are almost identical to Group order forms (You can read about the group order form process by clicking here) except for the fact that we'll proactively add a specific dollar amount onto each item sold.

When the order form is finished (after it ends), we'll write you a check for the total amount raised! Easy peezy!

Our Fundraiser Success In Numbers

Raising money is our thing!

Fundraisers Created
Printed Items Delivered
Raised & Donated!


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