"24 Hour Tees - Gamer on an Aqua Background"
"24 Hour Tees - Gamer on an Aqua Background"
"24 Hour Tees - Gamer on an Aqua T-Shirt"
"24 Hour Tees - Gamer on a Gold T-Shirt"
"24 Hour Tees - Gamer on an Athletic Heather T-Shirt"



Fun times don't mean the same since video games were invented! And lets admit it… we all have a little “gamer” inside! Gamer is the new sexy ;)

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Video games have changed the way some of us stay entertained and engaged with the rest of the world. The fact that we can control what happens while playing and socializing in our own virtual reality, is simply amazing! Whether you're a Pacman fan or or a WOWer…we all seem to have a little “gamer” inside.

If you wonder whether you should be classified as a gamer or not, read the following list of attributes and if you answer “Yes” to more than one of these questions, we'd most definitely consider you a gamer…but if you're still unsure, go ahead and take a test on Buzzfeed's website…It will show you how much of a gamer your really are. :)

10. Do you base your other electronic purchases around your console?
9. Are your thumbs sore from late night gaming binges?
7. When you’re invited to play tennis, do  you assume it will be on Wii?
6. Do your eyes hurt in natural sun light?
5. Do people refer to you by your avatar name in real life?
4. Do you think about games when you’re not playing them?
3. Do you wait in line for a game release?
2. Are your strongest relationships on your online network?
1. Has a video of you being angry while playing a game gone viral?

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