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These are small gift sets that include 1 soap, 1 medium hard lotion and 1 lip balm in a cello bag.

About Udderly Naked

Udderly Naked began as a way to use the extra milk from our dairy goats. As I started researching and learning about soap and how to make it, I found out that “soap” from a store is actually a “detergent” filled with chemicals and strips the natural oils from your skin causing dry skin, allergies and rashes.

Many people with sensitivities to these ingredients find it hard to find soap that doesn't make things worse. Since goat's milk has alpha hydroxy acid it helps to slough dead skin and the fats from the goat's milk, in addition to the beneficial, high quality vegetable oils, help to moisturize and heal dry skin, eczema and psoriasis (according to some reports).

I have done months of research before starting the company and continue to learn more all the time. In an effort to give you the best quality, we use only natural colorants, essential oils for scent, no fragrance oils, soy, lard or tallow. We love to come up with new ideas and products that are as unique as the people using them. We accept custom orders or requests for new products. We sell in bulk and we sell wholesale.

We have especially enjoyed partnering with local businesses to create products, such as our Nut n Honey, Barista Bar, Wine and Roses and Drunken Goat.

We continue to add to our line, so check out our Etsy shop for more details at

Udderly Naked products are 100% natural, made with fresh goat's milk, high quality vegetable oils and essential oils – no lard, tallow or fragrance oils.

Baby Soap

Fresh and Clean Deodorant

Lip Balm

Hard Lotion

More About Udderly Naked

Udderly NakedWords from the owner:

My husband and I and our 4 children moved to Overton, to our little 2.5 acres in December 2011.  Soon after, we acquired a flock of 22 chickens from a friend, 3 boer goats from another 4-H family and shortly after that the dairy goats started rolling in.
We have had a few come and go and and plenty of baby goats, but we have 3 girls that have been our core milkers – Molly our LaMancha (they have tiny ears that look like they are missing), Chamomile (Cam) our Nubian/Alpine cross, and Blueberry (Berry) one of 3 Sable we originally got.
We will be adding Zola in the spring of 2014 to our milkers, she was our first female Sable born on our farm.  We also have Yolanda (YoYo) she still has babies for us, but due to a problem before we got her, she cannot be milked, but will be adding 2 of her daughters to our breeding program for 2014 and 2015.