It doesn’t seem fair that so many good people are affected with the negativity of cancer. Especially when genetics, environment and standard medical practices of the time may have been a factor. This short story is about a mother, an educator, a sister, a wife and a friend to many, her name is Danielle (Meyer) Naslund.

Danielle is a 36 year old mother to 2 wonderful children and she has been married to her husband for 10 years. She’s a graduate of Kearney Catholic High School, finished her bachelor's at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and is currently a 4th grade teacher at West Park Elementary in Columbus, NE.

Back when Danielle was only 2 years old, she was hospitalized because of extreme swelling in her knee. This is when it was discovered that she had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the time, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis was only treated with pharmaceuticals to help kids like Danielle attempt to live as normal of a life as possible, despite their extreme potency and the possible side effect of cancer…what other choice was there?

About two years ago Danielle started to wean herself off of her arthritis medications by eating organic foods, using essential oils and taking naturopathic medicine. Successfully, she broke the dependency her body had developed to these medications and because of more natural treatments has been able to control her arthritis inflammation. Unfortunately the negative side effects of three decades of arthritis pharmaceuticals had unknowingly taken its toll.

On March 20th, 2017 Danielle had a lump removed from her left breast and it was determined to be cancerous. Recently her Doctor suggested she have an ultra sound as Danielle felt an additional lump in her left breast. Unfortunately, the MRI showed 3 malignancies in her breast, a lymph node and 2 malignancies in her right breast. Because of her success with using naturopathic remedies for her arthritis, Danielle has chosen to undergo treatment at Hope4cancer in Mexico, a naturopathic cancer treatment facility.

Unfortunately (and ironically), Naturopathic cancer treatment isn’t covered by insurance so all out of pocket expenses ($42,000) has to be paid in full before she’s able to go. This is where you come in.

Even though Danielle is a strong christian woman, trusting that God will heal her through the treatments that are offered at Hope4cancer, she still needs assistance to raise the funds necessary to get there.

24 Hour Tees has decided to give Danielle $15 from each supportive apparel sale, to help with her medical expenses. If this story resonates with you, we’d love your support to help get Danielle the treatment she needs sooner than later. If you'd like to support her with more then $15 from each shirt you purchase, please consider donating money to her “go fund me” page located here: GoFundMe

Community: Fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Right now, we’d like you to be part of this healing community on behalf of Danielle Meyer & 24 Hour Tees.

P.S. 24 Hour Tees normal fundraiser amounts include 20% of a product’s retail price. As Danielle is the sister to the 24 Hour Tees owners, they’ve decided to sacrifice all potential profits to help her get the treatment she needs as soon as possible.