Barista’s Daily Grind

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Barista’s began its journey as a tiny shop in the North part of Kearney. It was so quaint that they lacked even a bathroom, and their office was run out of their home with nothing but a small, personal garage for storage space. Some laughed them off as just another ill-fated attempt; a coffee shop, they believed, had no chance of surviving—let alone prospering—on a budget like theirs. But their first day open, Barista’s turned that idea on its head. They took Kearney Nebraska by storm, becoming something much more than what anyone had expected.

The years that followed were riddled with triumph, and disaster. From winning the Midwest Barista Championship and opening stores all over Nebraska, to losing everything and resorting to selling coffee in kiosks on the streets, Barista’s was kept alive through each trial by their steadfast insistence that they would not lose the foundation upon which they were built. That, no matter the price, their values could not be changed, and their passion would not be unhinged. Barista’s had always been about people, relationships, and honoring the craft. From the beginning, they had never had any intention of being just a coffee shop…

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"A Barista's Daily Grind coffee cup sitting on a wood table."

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"Barista's Daily Grind video photo"

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