Meet Emily Frieden

The Soon To Be, Art School Student (Let's Help Her Pay Some Tuition)

Emily is a bright, vibrant, and cheerful soul that is bound to impress whoever she interacts with (well…she impressed us)! Her artistic skills are incredible for a high school student and these are some of the reasons why our 24 Hour Tees team wants to help Emily shape & evolve her talents even more.

We met Emily after we donated a bunch of silkscreen ink to Kearney High School's art program. As an unexpected thank you, she hand-printed us a ‘Kearney Nebraska' poster (one of her original designs) that she framed and brought into our shop, letting us know that our donation was very much appreciated.

Her design was so amazing, pulling in a dozen visual elements that make Kearney great, that our quick chat evolved into a full fledge ‘who are you and what are you doing in life' conversation. We like her so much, and we were so impressed by her artistic ambitions within education (attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York), that we asked her if she'd be willing to let us throw her a tuition-based apparel fundraiser. She said yes, so here we are. :)

We took Emily's original “Kearney Nebraska Line Art” design and adapted it to work with our high-end apparel printing, to make a totally unique and ultra comfortable wearable art piece.

$6 of every “Kearney Nebraska Line Art” shirt sale will go straight to Emily, to help her pay for college-related expenses.

Help Emily continue art-based education, by purchasing a shirt below!