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Nah – Rosa Parks


"Ma'am, you need to move to the back of the bus...with your kind."
"Nah." -Rosa Parks, 1955

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Throughout human history there were periods when the differences between humans were not tolerated like they are today. In the United States, during the first half of the past century, racism was a big problem…one where discrimination to black people was considered “normal”.

Rosa Parks, also known as “the mother of the freedom movement”, in 1955 did something that would change her life, and history, forever. Back in those days, seats buses were separated for black and white people. One day, the bus that Rosa used to take was so full that there were no free seats available and a few white people had to stand up.

The bus driver told a couple of black people to move so the white people, that didn't have a seat, could sit down. They all moved, except for Parks. She refused because there were other seats available (in the zone exclusively for “black people”). When the bus driver demanded her to move to another seat, she just moved toward the window seat, even though the bus driver warned her, the police ended up arresting her.

This moment marks the beginning of a struggle, which fortunately is over for the majority of the Country. The color of our skin is not the reflection of our soul, and the variation of skin colors is what makes the human race so unique and amazing!

Even though that time was difficult, now we can see it from another perspective.
Just imagine that moment when she refused to move; the bus driver asks her to stand up, and she just says something like “Nah.” A simple word, that could change so many lives and even the history of a Country.

This “Nah” Tee is a silly reminder that little acts can seriously make a real and true change!

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