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It might not be the most popular of all Pokémon Go teams, but if something distinguish this unique group is their capability to follow what their instinct says.
Very few people trust in what their mind and heart say, that's why it's considered to be a very selective team.

Even if they have less members than Team Mystic or Team Valor, that doesn't mean they don't fight with all they got. Spark, their leader, believes in the innate abilities of their Pokémons, being Zapdos their main mascot.

If you are considering joining Team Instinct, here are 5 facts to know about it:

  1. They believe in Trust and Intuition.
  2. They are the least popular team.
  3. They're fine letting Mystic and Valor fight among themselves.
  4. They and Team Mystic are united in their hatred for Valor.
  5. They recently captured The White House and Liberty Island.

(Read complete article here) If all this information convince you to join Team Instinct, or if you are part of it already, this Pokémon Go Team Instinct shirt is a must-wear on your hunting path!

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