Chapman Swifts Coffee House

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Kearney is Home.

That's why we're here. Friendly faces, good people, safe streets, family.

Katie and Patrick Moore followed their dreams to the Pacific Northwest. When the time came to find their way home, they decided to bring a little piece of Oregon back with them.

Here's a blurb from the owners themselves:

At Chapman Swifts, we serve artisan coffees, sourced from single-origin farms via direct trade relationships, then meticulously hand-roasted in small batches by bearded hipsters in Portland. You won't find a more authentic coffee experience this side of the Cascades.

We invite you to come drink different.

If you'd like to support Chapman Swifts Coffee House, please purchase one of their two different designs with the shirt color of your choice. 20% of every sale goes directly to help them grow their business for you (providing you with more food & drink options, more staffing, etc.).

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